I have only recently started exploring the qualities that earthenware clays have and my first thought when I used it was of sheer delight, the colour made my hands look like they were immersed in liquid chocolate.

It has a softer, warmer colour than stoneware  when glazed due to its rich high iron content. This gives it a characteristic vintage rustic charm and makes it a joy to hold in your hands. 

Pieces are thrown and altered before being hand decorated with slips and then bisque fired. A glossy coating of transparent glaze is then applied before a second firing in my kiln.

Here is a set of glaze tests I did before glazing my wares.

Storage vessel shapes sit waiting on the shelf for their rich overcoat of a glossy glaze.

My first online shop represents some of my work so far and I would like to invite you to come and take part, share my journey, and create new memories. I hope that the time, care and thoughts that made it shine through, and you enjoy having the pieces in your own homes.