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Bucket Bags


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These vessels were inspired by my mothers  beautiful leather bucket bag that was used for everything from the weekly shop, to carrying a flask and a cheese sandwich in the Land Rover when my father went to the cattle market. Each one has a similar shape but is unique adding to the bespoke handmade quality.

We used it for picnics in the cowshed on a rainy day and for lunch in the fields when we were harvesting. It was the most used bag in our house. I wanted to  preserve its shape and form by creating it in stoneware to last forever. 

The gently textured surface is created using simple ceramic tools, such as a scraper and rasp blades, which show the maker’s hand and process. The use of my own formulated warm white glaze, aptly named milkmaid, reveals the clay, whilst simultaneously covering it, and emphasises the form and texture of each unique piece. These are perfect for flowers, paintbrushes, kitchen utensils, make-up brushes, condiments, the choice is yours. Of course they can also be  a purely decorative item to compliment your home, fitting in a variety of styles.