My life has been a devotion to creativity for myself my family and teaching others for over 25 years. I enjoy the thrill of making useful ‘things’ and now design and hand-make everything from my home studio, in North Shropshire, mostly on the potters wheel in stoneware clays.

I think there is something so wonderful in taking a lump of clay and using my hands I  can  transform it into something beautiful and functional.

I like to use stoneware  clays because they are so durable for everyday use, yet can be fine enough to grace the smartest dining table.

Glaze testing and development is all part of the process. Different stains and oxides can give subtle variations creating a vast selection of different tones to dip or paint on the surface.

The glazes I use are food, oven and dishwasher safe, but obviously care must be taken to avoid thermal shocks.

Pieces are initially thrown on the wheel and then left to dry a little before trimming and turning to refine their shape.

They then dry completely before their first firing, which takes them to over 1000 degrees celsius. After this they are taken out of the kiln, and glazed. Sometimes this involves dipping them completely in the glaze and other times the glaze is brushed on in a more decorative manner. They then go back into the kiln for a second firing which is over 1220 degrees centigrade. 

My work is refined, yet still has a rustic charm. Each piece has the robust feel of handmade and is unique with subtle glaze variations which enhance it. It is a sharp contrast and welcome change to our modern hectic lifestyles. 

New shapes are constantly being developed and evolve as they progress.

Every artist has their favourite tools. These are ones that I use regularly to compress, shape, trim and refine the clay.

There are so many different processes to choose from when it comes to decoration, choosing one is sometimes the hardest part. I tend to work backwards in my mind imagining how I would like the object to look then think about the form and how that can be created in my studio.

I make small batches of wares which are individual. They are the same, but different and each have their own charm.

beautiful ceramics stoneware bowls

Beautiful Ceramics embraces thrown functional wares that are a joy to have and use in everyday life. Each piece is unique, and radiates its own rustic charm.

Food preparation, serving and display are all key design aesthetics for Beautiful Ceramics.
Beautiful Ceramics organic forms have a functional and decorative appearance, enhanced with textured glazes. 
Inspiration is all a round me and everything I make is honest and wholesome.

The joy of everyday is enhanced when using tactile objects and brings pleasure to our rituals.

Considered classic forms are given a modern twist making them unique and special.